My inspiration comes from human interaction between people and with nature. The way we deal with decisions, the possibilities we go for and those we choose to leave, is a constant source of inspiration, together with the joy and struggle in communication between people.

Living abroad also made me more interested in the Norwegian culture and social system and I found strong links to how literature, specifically Henrik Ibsen’s work, has made an impact on Norway’s democratic development. I therefore decided to use his life and plays as inspiration for a series of work.

I work with all kinds of materials and have a surrealistic style, and trying to look at the world with a humorous glance.

As shown in "Tell me another story" exibited in Paleet shoppingsenter at Karl Johansgate in Norway

Education - Price - Purchased

2011-13 University of Sussex - West Dean College - Master of Art – Linje skulptur
2012 Internship CASS Sculpture Foundation, Goodwood, UK
2010-11 West Dean College of fine art, Chichester - Graduate Diploma
->2008 Folkeuniversitetet Oslo


2012 Bærum kommunes kunstpris 2012, Bærum


2012 Bærum Kommune
2014 Grimstad Bys Museer


2014 Diverse stipend, Kulturrådet
2012 Kunstløftet, Kulturrådet


NBF – Norsk Billedhuggerforening, BKIB/BO/BKI/BiT – Bildende kunstnere i  Bærum, Oslo, Innlandet og Telemark


Kunstnernes hus – Tidligere nestleder 

Steinskulptur AL - tidligere Vara i styret

Telemark Kunstsenter - Styremedlem

Norsk Billedhuggerforening-Tidl. styremedlem

Solo exhibitions / Installations / Performance


Looping the existing, i samarbeid med Tenthaus, Hersleb videregående skole, Oslo


Galleri Vulkan, Separatutstilling, Oslo, Juni
Ibsen Museet, Separatutstilling, Januar-September, Grimstad


Scream from Nature in balloons – Munch150 Nationalgalleriet – Performance, Bærum
Ibsen Museet, Separatutstilling, Juni-Desember, Grimstad


Chilli Fiesta, Installasjon, Skulptur og film, Chichester, UK

Collective exhibitions


Norske Kunsthåndtverkeres årsutstilling, Drammen


Medlemsutstilling BKIB, Bærum kunsthall

Innlandsutstillingen, Hamar

Ari Behn og Anni Onsager, Eker Gård  -Skulpturgata i Svelvik – NBF, Svelvik


2020 Bazar, Norsk Billedhugger forening Galleri, 
Kunst Rett Vest, Tofte cellulosefabrikk, Hurum- 

Bærumsutstillingen 2020, Bærum Kunsthall


Kunst rett vest, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Bærum

Romeriksutstillingen, Lørenskog
Kunst rett vest, Drammen Museum, Drammen og Bærum
Spring Depot II, Tenthaus Oslo

Borders and Boundaries, Bærum Kunsthall
Konsthallen Lokstallet, Strømstad, Sverige

In Between, Bærum kunsthall
Åpen Dør, Bærum
Paleet, Oslo

Juleutstillingen GFK, Fornebu
Et årsverk, Stabekk
1814, Bærum Kommunehus
Oslo Open, Bærum
Vinterutstillingen 900 moh, Beitostølen

Galleri Vulkan, Oslo
Ett årsverk 2013, Stabekk
Norsk Billedhuggerforening, Galleri Heer, Oslo
Gamle Fornebu Kultursenters juleutstilling og utendørsgalleri, Bærum
Scream, Bærum
Byrom og andre rom, Bærum
Oslo Open, Felles atelier Oslo
Cork Street Open, London, UK

Et årsverk 2012, Bærum
BKIB Juleutstilling, Bærum kunstforening, Oslo
Norsk Billedhuggerforening, Sund of Mu, Oslo
Free Range, London, UK
End of year, West Dean, Chichester, UK
Time Machine Center, Chichester, skulptur installasjon, UK
West Dean Gardens, skulpturer, UK
Med fest, West Dean, Chichester, UK
Grounds and gardens, West Dean, Chichester, UK

Love & Hate, Vigelands Parken, Oslo
Create art, West Dean, Chichester, UK
Natural Selection, West Dean, Chichester, UK